Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart Review

The city of Houndspoint is under attack by a pack of fierce hounds in this beautifully illustrated hidden objects game. Explore mysterious locations in your quest to save your dog Pippa who has been kidnapped by the cunning canines, find hidden objects and solve puzzles as you battle to rescue your loyal companion. Investigate who is behind the strange attacks, follow the clues and stop the criminals in their tracks before they destroy the city forever. Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart expands the hidden objects genre by incorporating point and click role play, enjoyable puzzles, plus three levels of difficulty to make it accessible for players of all ages. Items collected from the scenes are incorporated into the story line, and newspaper clipping and clues enhance the atmosphere. Can you save your loyal companion before it is too late?

Fierce-Tales-The-Dogs-Heart-1The storyline in the game is well thought out and the personal aspect of rescuing your own little dog, adds motivation to complete the game. The locations and hidden object scenes are visually appealing, and the map and journal feature are a nice touch. The puzzles are generally quite easy to solve, although it is not always obvious how they work. A little lateral thinking is required from time to time. The game runs for about 4 -5 hours which is about standard for hidden object games, with an additional bonus game which adds another 1.5 hours to the run time. The ending is satisfying and the entire backstory logical and well thought out. Too many hidden objects games have less than satisfying storylines, and/or illogical sequences, but this is not the case in Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart.

On a less positive note, there are a few bugs and niggles which detract from play. The most annoying of these is that the game requires you to backtrack frequently, which can soon become quite monotonous. The hidden object scenes often require you to return to a location in order to collect another object which becomes frustrating after a while. The human characters are somewhat odd looking and do not blend in too well, sharply contrasting against the backdrop of the game. There are also some issues with the point and click interface, in that objects sometimes require multiple clicks in order to register. Along the way you will also come across objects that you will need later, but cannot pick up – instead you have to return to the scene later and remember where they are. The game could be improved by making it more linear, allowing the collection of objects to be combined later and sorting out some of the click bugs that occur.

Overall though, Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart is a solid and enjoyable game. The gameplay and technical issues are relatively minor and should not detract too much from the well written story line and excellent graphics and sound. The bonus game is also a nice touch, and it feels like it adds extra value to the game. Fans of hidden object games should certainly consider adding this one to their collection. So don’t wait any longer and start to download pc games.